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About Us is brought to you by LookBetterOnline was founded by IT project manager David Coy and Web System Architect Merav Knafo in 2002.

LookBetterOnline provides complementary services for online dating sites. We are best known for our photo services - providing singles who date online a cost-effective alternative to sub-standard photos.

We recently launched our white label eCards application, which allows our partners to provide a very much needed service, ecards, to their members while taking advantage of one of the most powerful viral marketing tools available today.

Our most recent project - CroppingTool provides a great solution to the problem of cropping to a consistent size and aspect ratio the mixed blend of various snapshots submitted by members. Our automated tool achieves a very high success rate (close to 90% of photos are being cropped successfully).

We partner with major dating sites such as,,, and many more...

The media has showed a lot of interest in our photo service. We have been featured 7 times on various television channels nationwide and have been mentioned in countless articles in major publications such as: The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week and more...

LookBetterOnline, Inc. has a great vision. We believe in online dating and want to help online dating sites prosper and grow by providing complementary services that increase user satisfaction, and traffic and enable growth.

Dave Coy, CEO


Dave has been a business system architect and senior project manager with a major IT outsourcing company since 1996. Dave is responsible for day-to-day operation and new business development at LookBetterOnline.

Contact Dave at 562.537.4424 or
Merav Knafo, CTO

Co-founder, Web Developer & System Architect

Merav combines in-depth technical know-how with a creative design mind. She specializes in creating innovative web applications that are extremely user-friendly and state of the art. Merav oversees all technical and design elements of LookBetterOnline, including the application, creative collateral and quality assurance.

Contact Merav at 562.252.3999 or